Boston Uprising



One of my tasks while working at the Patriots / Kraft Sports and Entertainment has been to help brand their new E-Sports team, the Boston Uprising. The Boston Uprising is one of the debut teams in the brand new Overwatch League created by Blizzard Entertainment.

The mark is a B contained within a U shape to represent Boston and Uprsing. A new and unique take on the conventional sport monogram.  The logo is also intened to represnt a shield shape.

The logo can be found during game broadcasts, on the team uniforms, and on the Blizzard Arena displays, along with multiple uses in the consumer video game. (Downloadable content for fans in game)




Merchandise designed by the Overwatch League featuring the Uprising Shield Logo


Social Media Design


Logo USAGE in Blizzard Arena

Photo Credit:  Robert Paul/Blizzard Entertainment

Photo Credit:  Robert Paul/Blizzard Entertainment



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